Digital Story Workshop leads video workshops in schools around New York City and around the world, so that children can become more involved in making media about their own personal and social dialogues, as well as participate in a cross cultural dialogue with children whom they would not meet, or might misunderstand, otherwise. DSW has led video-making sessions for children in kindergarten through 6th grade in:

• rural Vermont.

• Clearpool Children's School, Brooklyn, NY (2001-2).

• an after school art program, a kindergarten, program for street children and a school for children with special needs in Oaxaca, Mexico (2003).

• Maria's Children, Moscow, Russia (2003).

• Our Lady of Lourdes School in Brooklyn, NY. (Sponsored by a NYSCA Local Capacity Building Arts in Education Grant, 2005).

contact:   +   1.718.398.3991