DSW projects:

Sophie in the Trees (2001): A girl walks in the woods in Vermont. Children in Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, narrate.

 Ark (2002-2004): A girl is walking in the woods and finds a mysterious box. She places a seed inside the box and hides it. Time passes, and children playing in the woods, by a lake and at the ocean, come upon the same box. In each of four scenes, the box holds more and more strange small beings, little people who need the children so that they can gain new life. Play collaboration with eight children in Brooklyn, NY.

duende Duende (2003): Three girls playing in a garden in Oaxaca, Mexico discover a mysterious doll which they realize is a duende.

The Duende Superhero Surprise Show (2005): A class of first graders in Brooklyn, NY respond to "Duende" by creating five original video stories about "what happened next." See program.

Chicken Sunday (2005-2006): Collaboration with Border Crossers. Third graders in East New York (P.S. 89, Cypress Hills Community School) and second graders on the Upper West Side collaborate to act out eight vignettes based on Patricia Polacco's book, Chicken Sunday. Four groups from each school narrate videos of their pen-pals.


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